Today Marks a Historical Moment in Time

Today Marks a Historical Moment in Time

For nearly one hundred years the Cannabis plant has been outlawed in North America and those who cultivated it, consumed and shared it were turned into criminals. However, as of October 17th, that is no longer the case in Canada.

In a historic move Canada has become the second country, behind Uruguay, to legalize both medical (legal in Canada since 2001 and serving over 330,000 Canadians) and recreational Cannabis use nation-wide under the Cannabis Act which came into effect on October 17th.

Now Canadians who use Cannabis medically, therapeutically or just for fun can do so without fear of imprisonment and fines. Canadians can grow up to four Cannabis plants per household, carry up to 30 grams at a time, and can enjoy a variety of choice regarding both the form of Cannabis they enjoy and which vendor to purchase it from.

In the future Canadians will also have access to regulated and responsibly produced edibles and infusions which will only open the door further for small businesses, craft producers, women and people of colour to participate in this industry. This is nothing short of a cultural revolution. The eyes of the world are on Canada, providing a unique opportunity to show off what strong, well planned regulations and thoughtful consideration for the health and well-being of Canadians looks like. An increasing number of countries Worldwide are legalizing medical Cannabis.

Around the world the legal Cannabis industry is fast becoming one of the largest job markets. At Plena, we are overjoyed to be participating in an industry that will be able to create jobs and opportunities not just in Canada but Globally.

We start every day excited to work on something as important and influential as Medical Cannabis.

From all of us here at Plena, Happy October 17th, Happy Legalization Day!

Plena is deeply rooted in its commitment to educating people on the real benefits of medical cannabis and meeting the needs of a flourishing market with cGMP grade products