Peru legalizes THC and CBD

Peru legalizes THC and CBD

Plena Global is happy to announce that they have received confirmation that Peru’s Health Minister, Dr. Silvia Pessah-Eljay recently reversed the Peruvian Government’s proposed restrictions on THC.

The regulatory commission had previously proposed a prohibition on more than 0.5% THC in cannabis oils for medical purposes. However, after extensive discussions with Plena’s Head of Research, Dr. David Hepburn, Dr. Pessah-Eljay is now advocating for physicians to prescribe medical cannabis as they see fit for specific conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy. 

Peruvian president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski proposed the medical cannabis oil bill in early 2017 after a group of mothers were arrested for making cannabis oil in a makeshift laboratory to treat their epileptic children, after public outcry helped raise awareness surrounding epilepsy and medical cannabis. The neighbouring countries of Chile and Colombia have both already legalized medical use of cannabis. International Medical Cannabis Advisors, the government relations arm of Plena Global Holdings has worked directly with the Ministry of Health and other government offices in Peru to help develop a regulatory framework with the goal of creating a system that meets Health Canada’s high medical cannabis standards, thereby setting up Peruvian cultivators for local and international success.  

Speaking of IMCA physician Dr. David Hepburn, Dr. Pessah-Eljay said “I have read Dr. Hepburn’s papers and feel that common sense and the good science behind the human ECS (endocannabinoid system) trumps all else. Medical cannabis can help harness the ECS for the many who may need it.” Dr. Hepburn consulted with the Ministry of Health as a representative of Plena Global’s government relations subsidiary IMCA and worked to develop a regulatory framework for Peru that meets Canadian medical cannabis standards.  

Dr. Pessah-Eljay is an intelligent, insightful and educated epidemiologist, but equally important is her strength and bravery in recognizing that Peru should not be excluded from being amongst the more progressive countries, now numbering over 30, in the midst of a global tipping point” stated Dr. Hepburn. “Peru will recognize the legacy for good that her decision will have on their nation in many ways and I’m thrilled to have been a small part of this.”     

Plena Global spokesperson “The leadership shown by Peru’s Health Minister, and the PCM officials collaboratively drafting the regulations that will govern the industry is heartwarming. Whenever government acts based on hope, the people are the beneficiary, and putting patients first is synonymous with hope and leadership.” 


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