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The stages of growth of a cannabis plant

The typical indoor life cycle of a cannabis plant is around 2 to 3 months, depending on the strain. Indica dominant strains generally have a shorter life cycle than Sativa dominant strains. Each stage in the growth of a cannabis plant is important.

  • Seeding

    The first stage in the life cycle of a cannabis plant is sowing the seeds, after which germination happens.

  • Seeding


    After seeding, the root systems will begin to develop and leaves will begin to sprout.

  • Vegetative


    The vegetative stage includes the strong development and growth of the rooting system. Roots grow as the plant develops its aerial parts of leaves and stalks to balance the plant out. The duration of this phase is controlled primarily by light exposure.

  • Generative


    The generative stage, which involves the development of the main inflorescence, or what’s commonly called flower of bud, is triggered by environmental factors, usually involving a reduction in light, aka photo-periodic reduction. The cola, which is a collection of thousands of flower buds, produces the glandular trichomes, which contain all the cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, THCV, etc. and other secondary metabolites, such as terpenoids and polyphenols, that are harvested for medical cannabis purposes.

  • Harvest


    Once the plants reach an optimal stage of ripeness, the process of harvesting, drying and curing take place. Before harvest, plants are carefully inspected according to Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Medicinal Plants. Drying is done in rooms with controlled environment, protected from direct sunlight, until moisture level within the plant material meets specifications. Once the plant material is dried, it still requires specific processing before it can be stored. Every batch is carefully tested to verify potential microbiological contamination and absence of pesticides and heavy metals.

The Plena Promise

Plena Global's mission is to deliver superior cannabis and cannabis derivatives, grown and manufactured under the strictest GMP and GACP quality standards at scale in perpetuity to its clients globally.

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